Ear Washer Bottle for Ear Cleaning,SHCONG Ear Wax

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    【Safest Earwax Remover】Earwash flushing system is an advanced earwax removal kit that generates a large amount of water inflow to ensure the safe removal of earwax. The water pressure massages your blocked ear canal while gently removing it Stubborn earwax that sticks over time.
    【All-in-one Ear Cleaner】This kit contains everything you need to clean your ears. Including: spray bottle, hose, replacement nozzle, water basin, bulb syringe, cleaning brush, 7-piece curette, cotton swab stick, towel, cleaning brush, you can do it yourself at home, saving you the time and money.
    【Easy To Use Earwax Removal Tool】Operation is very simple, just add softened wax drops to the bottle, connect the hose, slowly insert the suction tip into the ear, and then gently pump the solution into the ear to ensure the safe removal of earwax. (Please note that the frequency of use is 1-2 times a day, no more than 4 days a week)